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Coca Cola Zero 400 ml Bottle


Coca Cola Zero 400 Ml Bottle

Product description

  •  Coca – Cola Zero delivers the great taste of Coca – Cola, with zero sugar. No added sugar in the product, natural colour and added flavours, contains no fruit.

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Coca Cola Zero 400 Ml Bottle


  • Coca-Cola Zero is one of The Coca-Cola Companys most successful and significant innovations. It offers the same Great Coke Taste, with Zero Sugar.
  • Launched in 2005 in America, Coca-Cola Zero is now available in 150 countries including India.
  • Coca-Cola Zero is one of the 20 billion dollar brands of The Coca-Cola Company in revenue terms and is one of the fastest to this milestone.
  • Contains artificial sweeteners and for calorie conscious
  • No sugar added
  • Contains caffiene
  • Contains no fruit


  • Carbonated Water
  • Acidity Regulator (338, 331)
  • Sweeteners (951,950)
  • Caffeine & Preservative (211)
  • Contains Permitted Natural Colour (150d) and Added Flavours (Natural Flavouring Substances)
  • Contains no Fruit


• Energy= 0.3  KCal

• Carbohydrate= 0 Gram

• Sugar= 0 Gram

• Protein = 0 Gram

• Fat = 0 Gram


Weight 0.4 kg


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